Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Open Post: Hosted By CAROL CHANNING!

The dude who sang out the lyric "Who can turn the world on with a smile?" used the image of Carol Channing's bright shiny face as inspiration, because it's a proven fact that the sun only rises for her (and for Shauna Sand's ethereal skin). Carol Channing is like an injection of computer duster to the veins of your soul! When Allison said that she walking on sunshine, she really meant that she was twirling around Carol Channing's face. The essence of Carol Channing is the real secret ingredient in the now banned Four Lokos. Etc... etc....
That being said, I'm sure some of you bitches out there are still squinting in the name of judgment over Carol possibly committing an illegal act by pairing hot pink lipstick with an all-rojo ensemble, but WHO CARES! It's Carol Channing! If she wants to put on her lipstick with a tiny squeegee, let her! That's the look she is going for, so keep your Kleenexes to yourself.
Carol Channing lit up the red carpet at last night's Kennedy Center Honors in DC and spread the sunshine all over: Kid Dingle, Oprah (whose favorite thing is obviously duct tape and a chichi pusher) with Stedman, No Doubt, Diana Ross with her son Evan, Matthew Morrison, Lynda Carter, Chita Rivera and Matt Boner.

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