Saturday, December 18, 2010

Open Post: Hosted By Amanda Lepore

And a HO HO HO to you too! Here's Santa's sexiest helper Amanda Lepore roasting chestnuts on the open fire known as her beauty at last night's Chandelier Creative holiday party with Lorenzo Martone and Michelle Harper.
Dear Xtina, this is the look you've been trying so desperately to achieve! The red lip lacquer has to look like it's made of equal parts liquid polyethylene, crushed ruby dust, melted Twizzlers and a freshly plucked cherry donated by a pristine virgin. Lips so sticky and sweet that it would take the biggest pair of pliers just to pry you off if you kissed her (not that you'd want to be pried off). If Amanda blew you an air kiss, you'd have to dry clean your skin just to get it off (not that you'd want it off). That is how you do red lips.
And don't get me started on her chocolate dipped eyebrows of perfection or the thin layer of diamond dust sneezed out of a unicorn's mouth that is covering her entire face. Xtina needs to pull up a chair and study up!

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