Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Mumbai wallah's curated guide to New Delhi

Anish Kapoor Delhi

The sky in New Delhi seems as whitewashed as its bungalows, its sunsets are muted and its monuments silhouetted. But this fa�ade is exactly what makes New Delhi a literary and imaginative experiment.

There is a haze that veils every surface: culturally, socially and topographically. 

The first way to ride above or below the immediate surface is on the Metro. It glistens with the pride of a new house on Diwali, and makes up, in honesty and efficiency, for the disillusionment that came with the administration of the Commonwealth Games. 

So Mumbaiwallahs in Dilli for the India Art Summit or on their way to the Jaipur Literature Festival, here's a ride through New Delhi's culture corners: Connaught Place, Lodhi Road and Hauz Khas Village.

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